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Improving – and Speed Running – Quibble’s Quest

websitepngYo yo!

Since completing the initial version of Quibble’s Quest (that which got me the award to the right. Did I mention the award? Am I starting to sound like a big headed moron now? Yes? Ah. Er… I have a lot to learn still! How’s that? Better? Not enough? Still sounded big headed? Er… ABANDON PARENTHESES!) I’ve been doing further testing on (a.k.a. playing) it, and collecting feedback from those who’ve been playing it.

I’m planning on getting the game into a well-presented, bug-free state so I can consider it done – or at least ready for later expansion. I’m getting there!

Improvements Since The Original

Bugs Fixed

  • When the player is standing on the edge of a moving platform, when a platform changes direction the player can fall off.
  • When the player dies, bullets remain on screen after “rebirth”.
  • Timer reset visible after level fade-in.
  • Some background graphic highlights appear in front of the player.

UI Enhancements

  • “Press Esc to Pause” tip displayed on screen, to show player how the pause menu can be displayed

Learning Curve Enhancements

  • Added a “You need to destroy all baddies” pop up message if player walks in front of exit without destroying all baddies first (note: doesn’t stop play).
  • Added a “All baddies destroyed! Now find the exit” pop up message once all baddies destroyed (note: doesn’t stop play).
  • Increased length of particular tricky platforms on all levels (and repositioned one baddy branch on level 3 to align it vertically with a player branch).
  • Increased time allocation for Bronze and Silver awards.

Graphical Enhancements

  • Level 3 graphics dramatically improved (although work still required).
  • Level 2 graphics improved (added additional BG to create more visual interest).
  • Animated / better looking water graphics (tinted per level to represent water / lava / mud).
  • Consistent exit door graphic used across levels (and “Exit” logo displayed above door).
  • Replaced grey circle with a thumbs up blue “coin” for level completion outside Bronze/Silver/Gold timings.

Plenty more to do, but it’s a big improvement on the original release!

Speed Run!

My friend Steve from FCE didn’t believe that I was able to complete each of the 3 levels in under 20 seconds. He demanded proof. So I gave him just that. In a very low quality video:

Play it Yourself!

I believe that the second level is completable in less than 18 seconds… but can you do it?




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