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Journeys SWF Website


In the midst of a number of massive projects, I’ve worked with Journeys SWF Ltd in South Woodham Ferrers to create a simple one-page site to show off their excellent driver service.

It’s mobile responsive and pretty simple / clean, based on Phil from Journeys’ requirements.

Give them a call if you’re in the mid Essex area and are looking for a better way to get to/from the airport!

Visit the Web Site



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More on the Ultimate Bathroom DIY Guide

Yesterday, Retail Technology featured an article about the Ultimate Bathroom DIY Guide, which I designed and developed for (on behalf of Dynamo PR). This article covers the technical background of the guide, based on an online interview I gave for this.

I thought I’d share it with you if you were interested in how the guide was put together:



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Ultimate Bathroom DIY Guide!


Sometimes I get projects that’re more complex than usual. Sometimes these projects use more than one of the services I offer.

Sometimes they pretty much use all of them. That’s been the case for the Ultimate Bathroom DIY Guide. wanted to further boost their online enagement, so Dynamo PR proposed a web-based interactive guide, which would curate the best bathroom maintenance tips from the Internet to help people enhance and repair their bathroom. Dynamo PR commissioned me to design, illustrate and develop the guide.

I’ll be honest: I leapt at the chance. This was an opportunity to expand on my knowledge in responsive design, interactive web systems and comtemporary HTML5/JavaScript technology. It also give me a chance to do some nice drawing of bathroom items.

What? Some of us like drawing baths.


Anyway, through a mix of PHP (page generation based on an array of bathroom elements/tips), VBA (converting the spreadsheet of elements/tips provided by Dynamo/ into PHP), HTML5/JavaScript/JQuery (the interactive Virtual Bathroom) and responsive CSS (the Tips List), I developed the guide.


Once created, I recorded and voiced the “How To” video to take users through the usage of the guide. and Dynamo PR were delighted with the end results, and hopefully many people will benefit from the one-stop-shop of DIY tips.

Have a play now and please feel free to share it:


If you’re looking have a high quality interactive web-based app created then I’d love to work with you on it. Please get in touch!

Otherwise, just enjoy playing around in the guide 🙂

Tarrah for now,


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MiiPC Branding

This week I was given an interesting creative task: to enhance MiiPC’s social media branding to reflect the fun, safe nature of the MiiPC, along with highlighting the wide range of games on the platform.

MiiPC, if you don’t know, is pretty cool. It’s a funky looking, Android-based PC that has safety for kids and parental control built in alongside a wide range of great apps and games. You kind find out more about it here.

I was commissioned by long time partners and all-round-awesome PR agency Dynamo PR to sort out the social branding.

Using their range of apps, beautiful device and current branding as inspiration, I created a fun, dynamic, eye catching and on-brand design for both Twitter and Facebook, which pleased Dynamo, MiiPC and their followers. Photoshop and I become closely acquainted, as often happens. 🙂

Twitter Feed


Facebook Page


If you’re after social branding please get in touch! 🙂

Bye for now,


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Heat Radio Shows!

Hello you!

Rather excitingly, tonight and tomorrow I’m hosting a couple of radio shows on Heat Radio: the #1 station for music and celebrity across the UK!

I’m rather nervous about how it’ll go down, but hopefully it’ll be fine. You can have a listen yourself tonight from 7pm, or tomorrow morning from 6am (if you’re mad) on one of these:

DAB: Across many UK Multiplexes
On TV: Freeview Channel 716



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Dear Blogger

Hi. How’re you doing, Blogging hub?

I’ve been enjoying your company of late through the redesign of The Custard TV’s website, but at the end of this process I must plead with you regarding one thing:


It would be really, really lovely to be able to hook in (via JavaScript/JSON a la recent posts / posts of a label etc.) to that data so I could actually create some proper custom popular post widgets rather than having to hack around with CSS only with the stuff you provide, or having to use post-creation JavaScript to hack about on the fly with your generated HTML code. And let’s not even talk about your 50x50px thumbnails.

This might sound more like a rant having spent hours trying to source a decent way to resolve this, resorting to simply not using thumbnails at all (if you look at The Custard TV home page, you’ll see why 50x50px thumbnails really wouldn’t work).

It might sound like a rant.

Because it is.

All the best,


P.S. On the plus side, Blogger, you’ve definitely evolved: I’ve managed to get the Custard TV site looking like a non-Blogger site, in particular the home page, all thanks to your flexibility in terms of template manipulation through HTML and CSS. So… thanks!

P.P.S. It’s not odd to be addressing my posts to blogging websites, is it?

P.P.P.S. Actually, given Google’s latest hardware, perhaps I should tip my head up and address you as “OK, Blogger” instead.

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Games Design Award: A Week Later


Firstly, my apologies for the delay in this blog post. My hosting provider (UK2) had a major data corruption issue last week, which left my site down for several days. Fortunately all is good now (touch wood) so it should (touch wood) stay stable (touch wood) from now on (touch wood).

Touch wood.

Secondly, alongside placing my hands on bark, I’ve been rather cheery in my demeanour following last week’s Adobe Games Design Course award. Here, finally, is my post talking all about it.

What Was The Course?

Twas as a 10 week online course, run by Adobe, to teach people how to create games (using Adobe Flash). In summary, it was really good. Am I biased? Well, yes, but I was thinking this prior to last week’s events, OK? Good. 🙂

Each week there was live session online with the course leaders, featuring game theory, game programming tutorials and a weekly speaker from the games industry. It gave a great insight into the principles behind making great computer games, what it’s like to actually work in the games industry (and the various paths to get into it), plus how to design and develop our own games.

During the 10 weeks, we were given a weekly assignment to incrementally develop a particular game (“RoboCat”), designed by course leader Mark Shufflebottom.

Each week we were given the opportunity to add to what Mark had guided us through (I won a weekly award based on my redesign of the look and feel of the game), and then at the end of the course we had to create our own game – based largely or in part on the RoboCat game.

The result of three days of solid game development was Quibble’s Quest: a scrolling platformer / shooter around 3 levels, with the object being to destroy all baddies on a level and get to the exit in the lowest possible time.

You can read more about the game in this previous post.

What Was The Award For?

The award was for Overall Excellence (Over 19 (only just, mind…)) in the Adobe Generation Games Design course, based on my final game! I was absolutely chuffed and surprised by this, as the quality of the other games was damned good!

It was based on various categories, to quote course leader Roxana Hadad:

“The three categories of Aesthetics, Playability, and Outcome/Resolve were scored on a scale of 0-3. In addition to the rubric, we also considered what kind of innovative departure each of you took from the RoboCat template”

I’m thrilled to have won!

What Did You Win?

Well, aside from the warm feeling I also won a PS3 (!!) and £500 worth of Adobe Creative Cloud membership (!!!)! Plus it’s a rather tasty item to add to the CV. Oh and of course, I won the ability to put the tasty logo to the right on my site. 🙂

Where Is This Game?

The latest version is playable here (more details on what’s changed in it since the awards on a future blog post).

What Next?

Well, following winning this award I am going to take the bull by the horns and focus on getting my skills and experience in games increased, alongside my portfolio. Next steps include redeveloping this website you’re looking at to better reflect this, learning lots of technical things (today and tomorrow I’m on the Creative JS course, run by the excellent Seb Lee-Delisle) and creating many more games (I have something for Christmas planned).

2013 is going to be the year I fully get into gaming, and I can’t wait 🙂



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Dynamo PR – An Advert!

Howdy you!

Hope you’re well.

I’m good here, ta, in fact I’m still pretty chuffed through getting my first advert design printed. Oh yes. It was for the brilliant tech PR agency Dynamo PR, to display in the national PRWeek Awards brochure (as seen by various PR agencies and their clients across the UK).

I was flippin’ chuffed to be asked to make it, and was pretty pleased with the end result (the brief was to have a movie poster feel, a la The Artist):

Here it is “in situ”:

(Apologies for the poor camera quality on this one)

I’m dead chuffed. 🙂



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Burly and Grums’ Halloween Adventure – Audio Book!


Well, the spooky season continues today with the release of a free short story for children: Burly and Grum’s Halloween Adventure.

This is part of the fantastic series of Burly and Grum books by Kate Tenbeth, which revolve around their many adventures and mishaps. A cast of characters assist them through their adventures.

Burly and Grum’s Halloween Adventure sees them teaming up with their friend Max to go trick or treating for the first time… and things don’t quite turn out how they were expecting!

There’s a book and an audio book version for you to read/listen to. I recommend it – it’s really good fun. 🙂

What’s Your Involvement?

I am the voice of the audio book! Yep, it’s my first foray into the world of audio books (recording/editing in my studio), and I hope you enjoy what I’ve come up with!

How Can I Listen?

Either stream it here using the player below, or click on the “Download” button on the player to grab a copy to listen to where and whenever:

Is There A Non-Audio Book Version?

Sure is! You can read via the Burly and Grum web site or the Burly and Grum Facebook Page, both of which will let you find out more about Kate, the characters and browse through the existing catalogue of stories.

Let me know what you think!

Bye for noooooooooooooooooooooowwww,


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Warning: Wet Paint

Well hello there!

Phew, well that’s been a long ol’ month of planning, designing, coding and image editing. But it’s finally here! That’s right: this here web site is all new and shiny.

I’ve split it up into the three key services that I provide:

I reasoned that the majority of people will be looking for someone to do work in one of those three key areas, so rather than having one site cluttered with ALL services / work in it I split the site into three “mini sites”: each focused on a particular service.

This of course means I’m now ready to ramp up my creative work, so…

If you know anyone looking for great quality services in Art, Design or Voice, please point them in this direction!

Merci, and thanks for coming over to visit. Don’t worry about the thumb print on the bannister.



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