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Indian Summer I & II


Well, the Digital Media Design course I’m doing is now under way. Part of the course is to look at and comment on various pieces of art work within the many galleries that Brighton has to offer.

To start, here’s some work by Phillipe, found within the Art At Five Gallery in the midst of The Lanes in Brighton:

Indian Summer I & II - Philippe (from the ArtAtFive Gallery, Brighton)
(Click to enlarge. Apologies for the photo quality, please thank HTC for that…)

For me, this work immediately conjured images of a bright bhangra dance scene:

  • The mix of gold and blues evoking the memories of the splendid Indian dresses worn by talented bhangra dancers
  • In the streaks of paint connecting the two pieces lay connotations of tassles flowing through the air mid-dance

It was no surprise to find this piece is titled Indian Summer I & II.

Upon reading that I noticed that each of the parts of the work denoted an open flower, with gold and blue petals combined… further enhancing the feeling of brighness into that of “summer”.

It appears Phillipe has a rather distinct – perhaps narrow – style, as a cursory glance at his page on the Art At Five web site shows.

For me that doesn’t take away the impressive ability to create so vividly the feeling intended with only colour and the suggestion of shape and form. Basically, I really like it.

But what do you think?


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I’m Pat, a 30-something Brighton-based artist-type-person, who is currently studying Digital Media Design at Brighton University.

This site will contain examples of my work and thoughts as a Brighton-based artist bod.

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