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littleBits: Lego Technic Eat Your Heart Out

I fondly remember the days spent as a boy playing around with my various Lego Technic sets. It was always satisfying to complete a pre-designed construction (my Power Crane was truly a beauty to behold), but the most fun had with those sets was to play around with the motors, pneumatic pumps and various switches. Planes, etch-a-sketch type drawing devices… all sorts of bits.

I also remember the feeling of satisfaction upon finally getting my printed circuit board (which I’d painstakingly drawn out and had created in an acid bath) to connect to a light sensor, power supply and LED to create a light-sensitive lamp.

It took blooming ages, and would’ve been so much easier had a cross between manual circuit board creation and Lego Technic existed.

But nothing like that did. Or does. Does it?

Enter littleBits

Here’s Ayah Bdeir’s TED lecture on what littleBits are, and their potential:

SO good, right? Just think of the things you can create with these, and also the learning potential for kids.

Personally I think if schools can purchase various sets of these, and also (eventually) get their hands on a Raspberry PI, we could see a whole generation of kids who are much more in touch with the technology that we find ourselves understanding less and less about as time goes on.

Not only that, these could inspire future engineers and designers to come up with fascinating solutions to problems we’re not even aware of yet.

I’ve bookmarked the littleBits web site, because I think there’ll be a lot of interesting things coming from the community on it.

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Posted on Fri 13 Apr in Technology,Thoughts with Comments (2)

2 Responses to “littleBits: Lego Technic Eat Your Heart Out”

  1. Ben says:

    Nice, I really like the concept and instantly went to the site to look into getting some for my nephew. Its not cheap though! $20 for a computer fan!

    I might wait a little while and see if they can bring their prices down a bit. The idea though is a good one.

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