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Blog posts from May 2012

2nd Years End of Year Show

Hi All!

Well, this has been a BUSY month (hence the lack of blog posts) doing Flash-based work. I’ll show you the result of this shortly but before I do, allow me to alert you to something exciting happening in Brighton next week:

Digital Media Design End of Year Show

This features the splendid work of the 2nd years doing my Uni course – alongside work from others on the Music Production and Fine Art courses. If you’re in or near Brighton, come along to it!



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Vegetarians: Ice Age-Ending Catalysts?

As a vegetarian I’ve had people tell me I’m wrong for most of my life. Usually the level of “wrong” is simply that I’m cheating myself out of lovely delicious tasty meat. Sometimes it’s that I’m a hypocrite because I once wore leather shoes. Once it was that I was going against the word of God.

However, I’ve not yet been told that I’m responsible for global warming. I suspect that will change, with the news that vegetarian dinosaurs could well be responsible for the ending of the ice age.

To mark this event (and definitely not to avoid doing Uni work… no…), I decided I’d create a T-Shirt/Sticker/Card cartoon for you to enjoy:

The Vegetarian Dinosaur

Click on the above image to view it in my Redbubble Shop… and then… you know… if you feel the urge… just click on that “Add To Cart” button.

You know it makes sense 🙂



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