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Molly and Sons: Designing and Developing


Well, this has been a lovely few jubliee-ee days has it not? Amazingly, here in Brighton and Hove the weather has been largely pleasant. Alas I’ve not been to any street parties (yet) as I’ve been keeping myself busy with some design and coding bits.

One of those “bits” has been the design and coding of a website for London-based jewellers Molly and Sons.

The brief was to create a basic site to showcase examples of the jewellery available – either all one page or across multiple pages. The method used was up to me, and the look and feel too. So I had a great deal of freedom with this.

Look and Feel

I wanted a site that looked professional and elegant, focusing on the product without too much clutter:

Home Page:

Gold Jewellery Page:


For navigation, I decided to use a combination of custom Javascript and JQuery to create the best of both: multiple pages, all on one page, with a nice horizontal “swooshy pan” between each page (to use the technical term). This was something I developed for a previous University project (which I promise I’ll show you some time!), and fine tuned for this project to be a little more efficient and have… umm… slightly more pleasant code to look at 🙂

Image Galleries

For the image galleries I decided to use the rather excellent Pikachoose Image Gallery, which I also use on this here web site. At some point soon I’ll be writing my own gallery script to give myself a little more control over it, but… not yet 🙂

When I showed the first version of the site to the customer, he was “surprised and delighted” (to quote a phrase used all too often in my previous place of work) and no changes were required. It’s nice when that happens. Rare, and nice. 🙂

Have a look at the site here:

If you’d like a web site designed and developed for you, please get in touch!

Right, back to designing another site whilst half-watching the Archbishop of Canterbury talking about the Queen…


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