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The Sound of Burly and Grum


Well, this is a turn up for the books (pun intended): I’ve been commissioned to be the voice of the Burly and Grum children’s books by their highly talented author Kate Tenbeth.

These books chronicle the journey of Burlington “Burly” Bear and Grum the Groblin, from their initial (rather bumpy) meeting through their search for a secret city (with help of their friend Max the human boy) to… well, I won’t spoil it.

I am, frankly, both excited and faintly terrified – this being my first official step into the world of audio book recording – and cannot wait to really get behind the characters themselves as I read through the excellent three existing books.

If you know me well, you’ll know that character voices is something I do, but it’s normally not really designed for kid’s books… (Hallooo, pets! (Quiet, Gemma)).

After some initial tests I’ve now established voices for Burly, Grum and Max, and have produced a 5 minute sampler of how the books may end up sounding:

Have a listen to the “Burly and Grum and the Secret City” sample

All three Burly and Grum books are available on the web site here!

Kate and I are also going to be working on converting the existing Burly and Grum web site into a fun, interactive
experience for kids to visit – more on that as it happens.

Right, back to practising being a talking bear and a groblin…



P.S. The new Pat Scullion web site is coming soon… with plenty more of my portfolio to browse, demos to listen to, things to buy and giraffes to pet. Less of the last one.

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