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Warning: Wet Paint

Well hello there!

Phew, well that’s been a long ol’ month of planning, designing, coding and image editing. But it’s finally here! That’s right: this here web site is all new and shiny.

I’ve split it up into the three key services that I provide:

I reasoned that the majority of people will be looking for someone to do work in one of those three key areas, so rather than having one site cluttered with ALL services / work in it I split the site into three “mini sites”: each focused on a particular service.

This of course means I’m now ready to ramp up my creative work, so…

If you know anyone looking for great quality services in Art, Design or Voice, please point them in this direction!

Merci, and thanks for coming over to visit. Don’t worry about the thumb print on the bannister.



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Drawing at 1am is Dangerous


I’ve been keeping awful sleep patterns this week. There’s no justifiable reason for this other than that I seem to keep getting involved in particular creative / code things at about midnight and then carrying it on until completion – or until the number of mistakes made approximately equals the number of things I try to do.

One of the key reasons at the moment is this web site. Or, more specifically, its successor. It’s coming soon and I’m currently finishing things off on it. Sometimes until 3am.

Tonight, however, I decided to give myself a night off… which ended up meaning I decided to draw whatever came to mind in Photoshop at about 1am, rather than go to bed.

What happened was… slightly terrifying. I’m not entirely sure whether I find what I’ve created more or less terrifying than the original Pokemon character, but here it is anyway: Psyduck:

Pysduck: Real Life Pokemon

Sweet dreams…


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“Strange” is a word that is overused to the point of it losing its potency. Rather like “awkward”, or “ironic” (except in the case of “strange” it is actually used to describe something of that nature. But that’s for another blog. Should I have even started this bit in parenthesese? Awkward! And why can’t I spell parentheses correctly? Oh, I just did. Talk about ironic!).

However, in this case “strange” is most certainly the most appropriate word.

“What for?” I hear you ask. Well, for this piece of Manga brilliance called “Abstraction”.

This is most certainly NOT safe for work or kids.

Click on the image below to start reading:

It is phenomenally well imagined and drawn, and I marvel at the mind who not only thought of the concept but also created the hideous monsters that make up the world. It also takes a rather knowing dig at the tendency of some manga graphic novels to descend into sex and monsters prrrrrretty quickly.

Finally, it at last answers the question we’ve all been asking for years: “What would it look like if Manga comic panels were actually made out of three dimensional pieces?

Have a read through, but make sure you’re not eating.


P.S. Thanks to Jimbo for making me aware of this!

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