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Animating a Walk Cycle!


It’s late on Saturday night (in fact, technically, it’s Sunday) and I’m totally wasted, just back from a crazy night out with my friends in Brighton town! It’s rather impressive that I’m even able to type coherently after the huge quantity of alcohol I’ve had tonight. You’d be forgiven for thinking I’ve been at home all evening, sober as a judge.

You’d be forgiven for thinking that primarily because you’d be right:

Tonight I’ve stayed in on my computer.

Rock and also roll.

What I’ve been up to is actually quite fun though: I’ve been animating things! I had a look at the simple-yet-elegant example of a walk cycle on Idleworm’s Animation Tutorial, and decided to finally fulfil my ambition to animate this cute little guy I drew in a meeting at work many years ago:

Cute Guy

Referencing the images on the tutorial, I used my tablet and Adobe Illustrator to draw each of the 8 frames of the walk cycle on separate layers, then imported them into Flash / split them apart over a timeline.

I was very pleased in that it pretty much worked straight away! So, I went on to neaten the drawings (adding colour and shading), then… then it got a bit out of hand. I added three layers of background, added some music, added some… well, you’ll see!

Illustrator: Utter chaos and over 40 layers of madness…

Flash: Relative peace and calm…

The music is the brilliant Only Ten Left Re-Edit of Underworld – Caliban’s Dream.

Hope you enjoyed 🙂


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2 Responses to “Animating a Walk Cycle!”

  1. Jacqui says:

    Oh Pat, that’s absolutely lovely. . . . . ur so clever :-* x

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