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Sssh! Aliens!

[Whispered] Hi, thanks for popping over… now, as you know, we’ve got to keep it down because… oh no, HE’S RIGHT ABOVE US!

What on Earth am I talking about? Well, the second week’s homework for the awesome Adobe Animation Course I’m doing:

To explain: we were given the challenge of building on a brief animation we’d been taught to do, featuring a UFO shape motion-tweening towards the planet Earth.

I decided to expand on the tweening techniques, add a bit of humour to it and add some Scullion-Cartoon-Stylings to the UFO. It took just over 2 hours, and despite it not being the most amazing thing in the world, I’m pretty happy with it.

Hope you like it too!

More animations to come as I continue to learn extra bits. Oh and as an aside, I decided to animate Squage walking blomping on and off screen:

Yet another step in the “Squage Computer Game” prep, which is being helped by the continued work on the Adobe Game Design course I’m also on.

Fun times!


Posted on Tue 16 Oct in Animation,Creative,Fun with Comments (2)

2 Responses to “Sssh! Aliens!”

  1. Chimp Jones says:

    I am Chimp Jones and I endorse this message.

    • pat says:

      Hahaha! [Scary Campaign Trailer Voice] “In 2012, Mitt Romney destroyed the planet Earth with an enormous energy ray…”

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