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Happy Halloween!

Creepy things that creepeth, spooky things that spooketh, eerie things that… er… eereth.

All of these will be creeping, spooking and eerieing (I really should’ve chosen another word) on this day. Well, more to the point, a load of kids will be wandering around the globe asking for sweets. And some folks’ houses will get egged. Tradition, eh?

Anyway, to mark Halloween I wanted to draw a piccie for you to enjoy (well, I say enjoy…). I wasn’t sure whether to do a cute one or a slightly more unpleasant one. After some head-scratching, and the realisation that I had an excellent opportunity for some procrastination-from-Uni-work action, I decided to draw both. 🙂

The Cute One


Yep, it’s Squage in a Pumpkin. The “Squmpkin”, as it is otherwise known. Pheel The Phear!

The Slightly More Unpleasant One

Slightly Unwell Gentleman

(Originally drawn with margin lines on the character, I took these away late on and rather enjoyed the look, and threw some textures over it all to add a bit more creepiness.)

Right, I’d best go back to designing app screens. Before I do, just a quick reminder that you can grab your eBook or audio book of Burly and Grum’s Halloween Adventure (it’s more along the lines of the first of my two pictures!) to read to or play to your kids!

Farewell… see you on the other side…


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