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Adobe Games Design Course – A Nice Surprise!

Well hello there!

Long time no speak, for which I apologise. Things here have been a whole new level of manic, what with a metric tonne of University work (in hindsight I regret printing my work on lead blocks), lots of freelance design / development work, various social bits and pieces and also some learning projects on the side. Evidence of such things will be appearing the coming weeks!

In the midst of this, I managed to actually achieve something pretty cool – I won last week’s Adobe Generation Game Design weekly award! We’re making a simple platform game, a little each week, based on the brilliant and well explained tutorials on the course.

I decided to move away from the standard look and feel, plus add a few extras in, both of which resulted in my winning the weekly award. I went from this:

To this:

All the flowers bop from side to side, and the clouds bounce up and down too, creating a real “kids game” feel to the game. I also included some splash animations / sounds for when our hero falls from a platform into the (added by me) water. I’ve also added some animations to our character at the start/end of the level.

Awesomely, the prize was a pair of Adobe-branded in-ear headphones, which have come just at the right time as I’m about to get back on the streets and run… to lose a metric tonne of weight (in hindsight I regret eating pizzas made of lead blocks).

Anyway, here’s the work-in-progress game as of a few days ago:

I’ll be doing lots of more fun things with this before the course is over… but more on that soon!

Right, back to my head cold. Huzzah!


Posted on Sat 24 Nov in Creative,Game with Comments (2)

2 Responses to “Adobe Games Design Course – A Nice Surprise!”

  1. Mark T says:

    Great stuff Pat, congrats on the prize!

    My only concern is that it’s in Flash — but I guess that’s to be expected for an Adobe-based course! 🙂

    Hope you’re keeping your finger in HTML5 too and that the skills this course is teaching are transferable; I suspect Flash will be around for a bit longer, but my feeling is that its popularity is tailing off.

    Keep up the great work. 😀

  2. pat says:

    Thanks Mr T 🙂

    Yep I know what you mean re: Flash, I’m probably going to use it to prototype game ideas and transfer these to HTML5 afterwards: the development environment allows for easy and fast development of ideas, so it’s a nice place to start.

    Thanks again dude 🙂

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