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Fingers Crossed!

Hi There!

Hope you’ve had a good week. I’ve had a busy but productive one, doing a mixture of Uni research, some Secret Audiobook Project ™ work, some personal branding work and learning “on the job” about infographics! Oh and a birthday. More to show on all of these soon (aside from the last one).

In other exciting news, I had an email from Adobe stating the following:

"We've been busy umming and aahing and now we've decided – you've been shortlisted for an Adobe Generation Award! Congratulations, you're now one step closer to picking up a great prize!"

This is all to do with my Adobe Games Design final submission.

I’m now very excited, as you can imagine! Should be awesome for the CV if I get this – not to mention the Creative Could Membership prize and PS3 – as I’ve been seriously considering a move towards gaming in terms of my career (gonna be massively expanding on Quibble’s Quest over Christmas).

Fingers are very much crossed.

The awards are announced on the Awards Ceremony at 7pm on Monday. You can watch it live here or check back on this blog just after that for either a lot of CAPITALISED EXCITEMENT or small, lower case humility.



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