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Blog posts from March 2013

The Custard TV: Live!

I enjoy doing voice overs. They feed my urge to make radio bits and pieces, thus preventing me from standing at the end of Brighton Pier with a megaphone screaming “COMING UP NEXT – SOME MORE WAVES”.

Sometimes the voice overs I work on are for adverts, some are for audio books… and some are for podcasts that get played over 8000 times.

Yes. Over 8000 times. I’m quite excited.

This particular podcast was The Custard TV At South Bank Sky Arts Awards 2013, and is an interesting podcast to listen to – and I’m not saying that because I voice the jingles on it.

Well, I’m not ONLY saying that.

Worth checking out the podcast on a regular basis if you’re into your TV! If you’re after voice overs of any kind, just get in touch!



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Burly and Grum – The Video!


Well, that was a fun and daunting experience. What was, you ask? Why, the reading out of Kate Tenbeth’s Burly and Grum and The Tiger’s Tale at Tiny Tigers (part of Save Wild Tigers) at London St. Pancras station.

We were expecting a few 5-8 year olds. What we got was quite a few 3 to 5 year olds! So a little younger than expected, so I had to ad lib on occasion, but still good fun and the majority of the kids’ attentions were held for the full 30 minutes of reading!

“Is there a video of this event?”

Well, yes. Yes there is.

“Can I see it?”

Yes, yes you can.


Ok, ok, here it is. Just… sorry to you if you’re Scottish, have Scottish people in your family, know Scottish people, have ever been to Scotland or have watched Billy Connolly:



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Burly and Grum – Live!


This weekend is going to be fun. For the first time I’m taking my voice overs away from the studio mic and in front of an audience!

Across the weekend at St Pancras in London is an event called Tiny Tigers: a fun weekend of activities for children of all ages and their families, highlighting the plight of the wild tiger and raising funds to ensure that they are protected for future generations. To paraphrase (a.k.a. directly rip) from their web site.

It’s run by the Save Wild Tigers charity and should be great fun!

Part of the activities includes the reading of a special Burly and Grum story written for the charity. Who’s reading? Why, its author Kate Tenbeth and… me! Yep. I’m quite excited 🙂

The story’s called Burly and Grum and the Tiger’s Tale and you can download it here for a mere 99p.

If you happen to be free this weekend, we’ll be doing the reading at 3:30pm on Saturday so would love for your and your family to come and support us and the Save Wild Tigers charity.


It’ll be tastier than crispy fried earwigs. Hope to see you then!


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