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The Custard TV: Live!

I enjoy doing voice overs. They feed my urge to make radio bits and pieces, thus preventing me from standing at the end of Brighton Pier with a megaphone screaming “COMING UP NEXT – SOME MORE WAVES”.

Sometimes the voice overs I work on are for adverts, some are for audio books… and some are for podcasts that get played over 8000 times.

Yes. Over 8000 times. I’m quite excited.

This particular podcast was The Custard TV At South Bank Sky Arts Awards 2013, and is an interesting podcast to listen to – and I’m not saying that because I voice the jingles on it.

Well, I’m not ONLY saying that.

Worth checking out the podcast on a regular basis if you’re into your TV! If you’re after voice overs of any kind, just get in touch!



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