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Sam Bailey: Album Design Winner!


Oh my… I’d like to thank my parents, some God or other, my friends and… I dunno, Sam Bailey? Yeah, if I must.

That’s right. I’ve just won online design equivalent of the Oscars:

Popjustice’s “Sam Bailey Album Sleeve Redesign” Competition

We had to transform this:

Sam Bailey Initial Design

Into something, um, better.

I instantly thought of the following, and just went for it:


Clearly it amused the awesome Popjustice folks! Check out the full list here (there are some total corkers in there).

I just hope the prize isn’t a copy of the album.



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Games Design Award: A Week Later


Firstly, my apologies for the delay in this blog post. My hosting provider (UK2) had a major data corruption issue last week, which left my site down for several days. Fortunately all is good now (touch wood) so it should (touch wood) stay stable (touch wood) from now on (touch wood).

Touch wood.

Secondly, alongside placing my hands on bark, I’ve been rather cheery in my demeanour following last week’s Adobe Games Design Course award. Here, finally, is my post talking all about it.

What Was The Course?

Twas as a 10 week online course, run by Adobe, to teach people how to create games (using Adobe Flash). In summary, it was really good. Am I biased? Well, yes, but I was thinking this prior to last week’s events, OK? Good. 🙂

Each week there was live session online with the course leaders, featuring game theory, game programming tutorials and a weekly speaker from the games industry. It gave a great insight into the principles behind making great computer games, what it’s like to actually work in the games industry (and the various paths to get into it), plus how to design and develop our own games.

During the 10 weeks, we were given a weekly assignment to incrementally develop a particular game (“RoboCat”), designed by course leader Mark Shufflebottom.

Each week we were given the opportunity to add to what Mark had guided us through (I won a weekly award based on my redesign of the look and feel of the game), and then at the end of the course we had to create our own game – based largely or in part on the RoboCat game.

The result of three days of solid game development was Quibble’s Quest: a scrolling platformer / shooter around 3 levels, with the object being to destroy all baddies on a level and get to the exit in the lowest possible time.

You can read more about the game in this previous post.

What Was The Award For?

The award was for Overall Excellence (Over 19 (only just, mind…)) in the Adobe Generation Games Design course, based on my final game! I was absolutely chuffed and surprised by this, as the quality of the other games was damned good!

It was based on various categories, to quote course leader Roxana Hadad:

“The three categories of Aesthetics, Playability, and Outcome/Resolve were scored on a scale of 0-3. In addition to the rubric, we also considered what kind of innovative departure each of you took from the RoboCat template”

I’m thrilled to have won!

What Did You Win?

Well, aside from the warm feeling I also won a PS3 (!!) and £500 worth of Adobe Creative Cloud membership (!!!)! Plus it’s a rather tasty item to add to the CV. Oh and of course, I won the ability to put the tasty logo to the right on my site. 🙂

Where Is This Game?

The latest version is playable here (more details on what’s changed in it since the awards on a future blog post).

What Next?

Well, following winning this award I am going to take the bull by the horns and focus on getting my skills and experience in games increased, alongside my portfolio. Next steps include redeveloping this website you’re looking at to better reflect this, learning lots of technical things (today and tomorrow I’m on the Creative JS course, run by the excellent Seb Lee-Delisle) and creating many more games (I have something for Christmas planned).

2013 is going to be the year I fully get into gaming, and I can’t wait 🙂



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