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Ultimate Bathroom DIY Guide!


Sometimes I get projects that’re more complex than usual. Sometimes these projects use more than one of the services I offer.

Sometimes they pretty much use all of them. That’s been the case for the Ultimate Bathroom DIY Guide. wanted to further boost their online enagement, so Dynamo PR proposed a web-based interactive guide, which would curate the best bathroom maintenance tips from the Internet to help people enhance and repair their bathroom. Dynamo PR commissioned me to design, illustrate and develop the guide.

I’ll be honest: I leapt at the chance. This was an opportunity to expand on my knowledge in responsive design, interactive web systems and comtemporary HTML5/JavaScript technology. It also give me a chance to do some nice drawing of bathroom items.

What? Some of us like drawing baths.


Anyway, through a mix of PHP (page generation based on an array of bathroom elements/tips), VBA (converting the spreadsheet of elements/tips provided by Dynamo/ into PHP), HTML5/JavaScript/JQuery (the interactive Virtual Bathroom) and responsive CSS (the Tips List), I developed the guide.


Once created, I recorded and voiced the “How To” video to take users through the usage of the guide. and Dynamo PR were delighted with the end results, and hopefully many people will benefit from the one-stop-shop of DIY tips.

Have a play now and please feel free to share it:


If you’re looking have a high quality interactive web-based app created then I’d love to work with you on it. Please get in touch!

Otherwise, just enjoy playing around in the guide 🙂

Tarrah for now,


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MiiPC Branding

This week I was given an interesting creative task: to enhance MiiPC’s social media branding to reflect the fun, safe nature of the MiiPC, along with highlighting the wide range of games on the platform.

MiiPC, if you don’t know, is pretty cool. It’s a funky looking, Android-based PC that has safety for kids and parental control built in alongside a wide range of great apps and games. You kind find out more about it here.

I was commissioned by long time partners and all-round-awesome PR agency Dynamo PR to sort out the social branding.

Using their range of apps, beautiful device and current branding as inspiration, I created a fun, dynamic, eye catching and on-brand design for both Twitter and Facebook, which pleased Dynamo, MiiPC and their followers. Photoshop and I become closely acquainted, as often happens. 🙂

Twitter Feed


Facebook Page


If you’re after social branding please get in touch! 🙂

Bye for now,


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Hello Batman

Tossing a coin is SO 2012.

If you need to make a snap decision then the best decider is not heads or tails, but instead:


“Oh my goodness, how have I been so naive all this time? I had no idea that these two obviously juxtaposed items could be used to determine the choice of a binary decision!”… I hear you cry (or that could be the voices in my head).

It’s rather obvious when it’s presented to you, isn’t it?

“No but seriously, what the hell is this?”

I… it’s hard to explain. My mate Pete was bought the domain as a present at the Dynamo PR Christmas do.


REASONS, that’s why.

Anyway, he wanted to use it as more ludicrous enjoyable alternative to (yes, that does what you think it does).

So – combined with web fonts, some funky JavaScript to size the text to your screen, Pete saying a particular phrase on page load (or on tap on iOS… grrr) – I made it.

Hello Batman.




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Warning: Wet Paint

Well hello there!

Phew, well that’s been a long ol’ month of planning, designing, coding and image editing. But it’s finally here! That’s right: this here web site is all new and shiny.

I’ve split it up into the three key services that I provide:

I reasoned that the majority of people will be looking for someone to do work in one of those three key areas, so rather than having one site cluttered with ALL services / work in it I split the site into three “mini sites”: each focused on a particular service.

This of course means I’m now ready to ramp up my creative work, so…

If you know anyone looking for great quality services in Art, Design or Voice, please point them in this direction!

Merci, and thanks for coming over to visit. Don’t worry about the thumb print on the bannister.



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Molly and Sons: Designing and Developing


Well, this has been a lovely few jubliee-ee days has it not? Amazingly, here in Brighton and Hove the weather has been largely pleasant. Alas I’ve not been to any street parties (yet) as I’ve been keeping myself busy with some design and coding bits.

One of those “bits” has been the design and coding of a website for London-based jewellers Molly and Sons.

The brief was to create a basic site to showcase examples of the jewellery available – either all one page or across multiple pages. The method used was up to me, and the look and feel too. So I had a great deal of freedom with this.

Look and Feel

I wanted a site that looked professional and elegant, focusing on the product without too much clutter:

Home Page:

Gold Jewellery Page:


For navigation, I decided to use a combination of custom Javascript and JQuery to create the best of both: multiple pages, all on one page, with a nice horizontal “swooshy pan” between each page (to use the technical term). This was something I developed for a previous University project (which I promise I’ll show you some time!), and fine tuned for this project to be a little more efficient and have… umm… slightly more pleasant code to look at 🙂

Image Galleries

For the image galleries I decided to use the rather excellent Pikachoose Image Gallery, which I also use on this here web site. At some point soon I’ll be writing my own gallery script to give myself a little more control over it, but… not yet 🙂

When I showed the first version of the site to the customer, he was “surprised and delighted” (to quote a phrase used all too often in my previous place of work) and no changes were required. It’s nice when that happens. Rare, and nice. 🙂

Have a look at the site here:

If you’d like a web site designed and developed for you, please get in touch!

Right, back to designing another site whilst half-watching the Archbishop of Canterbury talking about the Queen…


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