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I offer a range of design services: logo design, web site design, marketing materials (business cards, flyers/email flyers, brochures etc.) design, merchandise design... and more!


I have over a decade of experience in web development (HTML5, PHP, MySQL, ASP) and have provided fully customised Wordpress, Blogger, Perch and OpenCart integrated sites, along with bespoke CMS solutions. In addition, I have experience in interactive systems based in Flash and HTML5 (canvas, DOM).

You can see more about the services I offer by checking out my Portfolio - or Contact Me with any queries you might have!


I provide art, design and voice over services and can combine any or all of these to suit whatever requirements you may have. Get in touch with your requirements to find out more!

My Clients

From PR Agencies to property rental, I have a wide range of clients. Here are a selection:

My Web Sites

In addition to this design web site, I have other web sites, some of which cover the other services I can provide:

About Me

I'm a 30-something graphic designer and web developer, living in Brighton & Hove in the UK.

Pat Scullion

Following achieving a BEng Hons in Computer Systems Engineering from the University of Warwick in 2001, I've worked in a wide range of technical roles at Ford Credit (FCE Bank) Within these roles I've lent and developed my design and technical skills to various in-house system designs and internal promotions.

In 2010 I made a key decision to redirect my career in a primarily creative direction, and since then have been building my design portfolio and clients steadily. In 2012 I completed a foundation in Digital Media Design at Brighton University.

I have wide experience in brand design, web design and development (client and server side) and interactive systems (Flash/HTML 5), and enjoy using this experience to provide my clients with great quality work.