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Bathtime Infographics

To illustrate a comprehensive report on modern bathtime habits and the history of bath time, and Dynamo PR commissioned me to create two infographics.

I designed and illustrated both, alongside designing and developing the Bathtime microsite, SEO and the various "Did You Know" illustrations required.

Check it out at:

Dynamo PR Website

Dynamo PR Website

In my role of Dynamo Design at Dynamo PR, I worked closely with the company founders and team heads to completely refresh their website from its original Tumblr form.

The end result is a unique, on-brand design, integrated fully into Wordpress with responsive layouts designed for desktop, tablet and mobile alike. Comprehensive SEO optimisation was developed to ensure Dynamo are always high up in Google's results.

This has driven clients and new employees to the company.

Want to know more about the most exciting PR agency in London? Check out the site:

Bathroom Sweets

Bathroom Sweets

In order to entertainingly highlight the typo some people make when searching for Bathroom Suites, and Dynamo PR created a "Chocolate Bathroom Sweet" campaign and commissioned me to design and develop the website.

I created this in line with the web site / brand, but with a "chocolate" flavour. The result was a light weight, interactive and fun experience, with full SEO optimisation.

Find out more here:

Ultimate Bathrooms DIY Guide

Ultimate Bathroom DIY Guide

To help people with enhancing and repairing their bathrooms, wanted an online interactive guide created. Dynamo PR commissioned me to do just that.

I illustrated, designed and developed the guide in HTML5 / JavaScript / PHP and recorded an instructional video to guide users through it. and Dynamo PR were delighted with the end results.

Find out how to enhance your bathroom at:

MiiPC Social Branding

MiiPC Social Branding

MiiPC wanted to enhance their social media branding to reflect the fun, safe nature of the MiiPC, along with highlighting the wide range of games on the platform.

Dynamo PR commissioned me to design this branding. Using their range of apps, beautiful device and current branding as inspiration, I created a fun, dynamic, eye catching and on-brand design for both Twitter and Facebook, which pleased Dynamo, MiiPC and their followers!

View the MiiPC Twitter Feed here, and their Facebook Page.

Gramohorn II Website

Gramohorn II Website

The Gramohorn is a 3D printed acoustic speaker, designed exclusively for the HTC One smartphone.

Creator Justin Wolter commissioned me to create a sleek, web site to promote and sell the Gramohorn II.

Through use of CSS, JavaScript and PHP I created a fully responsive, mobile-friendly, interactive and mimimalist site for Justin.

Check it out at:

Condé Nast Johansens Guides Website

Condé Nast Johansens eCommerce

Condé Nast needed to add a robust, custom eCommerce functionality to their web site. The brief required integration into the existing Johansens site look and feel, with multiple bespoke order processing types.

Through custom PHP, HTML/CSS and JavaScript I customised an instance of OpenCart in an SSL environment, creating a responsive site with different order processing functionality / delivery rules based on product types.

Browse the excellent selection of guides and gift certificates here:

Dynamo Advert Design

Dynamo PR

Brilliant Customer Tech PR company Dynamo PR regularly commision my design, web and illustration services for themselves and clients (I'm otherwise known as Dynamo Design).

Here's an example of an advert I created for them, which was featured in PR Week magazine, celebrating Dynamo's many nominations in the style of a film poster a la The Artist.

Find out more about Dynamo PR at or on Twitter at @dynamopr.

The Custard TV Website

The Custard TV Redesign

The Custard TV is the home of TV News, Reviews and Interviews on the 'net. The owner commissioned me to evolve it from Blogger blog to professional web site (retaining all posts and hosting on Blogger).

Included was a logo refresh, creating a distinct icon for the site for instant recognition, whilst retaining the original logo's core element of an old-school TV (and abstracting this).

A key component was advanced Blogger template modification, including direct HTML/CSS manipulation, custom home pages, merging of widgets and development of custom HTML/CSS widgets. This enabled the blog to look and feel like a professional web site, masking the Blogger architecture beneath.

Check it out at:

Roundhouse Group Website

Roundhouse Group eCommerce

Brighton-based publisher Roundhouse Group contacted me to add eCommerce functionality to their web site. The brief was to have this integrated into their existing Wordpress site and also hook into their supplier's mainframe-based ordering system.

Through bespoke PHP, HTML/CSS and JavaScript I customised an instance of OpenCart in an SSL environment, seamlessly integrating this into the existing site and hooking into the back end system.

I refreshed their site design to provide a more contemporary look & feel and consolodated pages to provide a better, more efficient user journey.

Browse the excellent selection of books and order yours now at:

Sweet Arrangements Label Design

Sweet Arrangements

Working on behalf of DD Lounge, I designed a logo and can label for Sweet Arrangements' upcoming range of sweets.

Through use of font, colour and texture I created designs to match the client's brief of "fun yet professional and high quality".

I'm working on various redesign elements for the Sweet Arrangements web site over the next few weeks also.

Lisa and Gareth Wedding

Lisa and Gareth

Lisa and Gareth contacted me to design a one page site to allow guests to donate to their honeymoon fund.

Colours and certain design elements (heart trails) were provided.

For the web site I created a bold design that focused on celebrating the couple and developed dynamic slide show elements to give the page further life.


Georgie Mobile Design

Georgie Mobile

I worked to design a logo/brand for Georgie - Your Travel and Lifestyle Companion.

The message of "Legibile, Supportive, Contemporary and Mobile" needed to be conveyed, which I achieved through font, colour, spacing and design cues, described in detail in an accompanying Georgie Style/Brand Guide.

Find out more about Georgie at

A & J Build Web Site, logo and Materials

A & J Build

I created a logo, web site, business cards and letter heads for A & J Build - the excellent building project management company to manage your building work professionally.

Based on their message of professionalism in building, I designed a contemporary logo alongside a striking yet professional web site, integrating Perch CMS to provide update autonomy to tge client..


Arrive Homes Web Site and Materials

Arrive Homes

I designed and developed a web site, business cards and marketing materials for Arrive Homes - a great provider of housing for overseas teachers and professionals in the UK.

Taking their existing logo, I used this along with a colour scheme of blue, red and white (colours from the Union Flag) to create a distinctive UK look and feel, which I used across all materials.

I've developed a custom Maintenance Wiki minisite, integrated into a Wordpress backend for client update autonomy. Launching in June 2013.


FCE Bank SalesPartner

FCE Bank

Whilst working at FCE Bank (Ford Credit Europe), I was commissioned to design and develop an interactive guide to UK-wide in-dealer system SalesPartner.

The guide's aim was to explain the key features of SalesPartner. I achieved this through interactive "usage demos" alongside on screen help messages and automatic/user-controlled pacing.

To provide the best possible user experience I combinined existing corporate branding with clear layouts and a smooth, responsive UI.

David Scullion

David Scullion, Writer

Screenwriter and author commissioned me to create a professional online presence along with accompanying business cards to help promote his work.

Although often penning horror scripts and stories, David was keen for the website not to only reflect this. As a result I avoided clichéd colour combinations and imagery, instead using plenty of white space and using more subtle design cues and fonts to suggest writer first, horror second.


Maths Factory

Maths Factory

As a brief for the Digital Media Design FdA course an e-learning system was to be created to teach children aged 7-11 an element of the Key Stage 2 schools curriculum.

Using a combination of text and audio with user-controlled pacing and interim and final puzzles, I ensured the learning process was solid whilst keeping the experience entertaining for the user. Various animations and an uninterrupted user experience created an immersive environment.

Take a look at the beta (1 / 4 section complete) version here: Maths Factory.

Molly and Sons

Molly and Sons

The Hatton Garden based jewellery shop contacted me to create a simple yet premium quality web site to showcase their jewellery range.

Through research across existing jewellery companies I established a colour scheme that matched the style requirements, and to further enhance the premium feel I leveraged JQuery to provide a smooth, interactive UI and navigation system.


Matt and Rachel

Matt and Rachel

Matt and Rachel contacted me to design a set of materials for their wedding, including guest lanyards, table plans, invites and a honeymoon fund web site. Colours and certain design elements (flowers and a single swan image) were provided.

For the web site I created a compact, elegant navigation system/UI with smooth transitions to mini-pages that create an interesting and dynamic feel. Other materials were themed on festival lanyards, so a combination of festival research and the brief design elements allowed me to create unique, festival-feel materials for the guest lanyards, table plans etc.


YCN Entry 2011

YCN Entry 2011

As a brief for the Digital Media Design FdA course a new logo, box and promotional flyer design for were to be created.

In doing this I focused on enhancing the brand whilst retaining its key elements, increasing the sense of anticipation and excitement of the outer box, plus emphasing nature, grazing, health and fun.